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You've probably noticed our site isn't as straightforward as Amazon or Walmart. That's because we're not a traditional retailer — we specialize in custom products, decorated to your specifications. That means you can put the logo and contact information of your brand, business, or organization on almost any of the million products we offer.

That's right, we offer over a million products.

Maybe you've searched our site and found the perfect product to promote your brand, business, or organization. Great! You may have noticed a "QUR" instead of price. QUR simply means Quote Upon Request. Even if you saw a price listed, it probably doesn't reflect the final price you'll pay.

Why? Because decoration involves a number of factors, including number of colors and number of locations. If you do not have art in an accepted format, we will have to create or re-create your art before the decoration process can begin.

So, what comes next?

Give us a call at (270) 231-5803 or email us at to discuss your project. We'll want to know four pieces of information in order to best serve you:

      1. The budget you're working with / how much do you want to spend?
      2. The goal of your project / what is the item for?
      3. The date you need your products delivered.
      4. How many do you want?
Once we know these things, we'll be able to provide you with an accurate quote for your project and guide you through the process of submitting or creating artwork.

We look forward to working with you to make sure your next marketing campaign is a success!
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